Your corporate loan from LEND

Strengthen your company! With our corporate loan for entrepreneurs and SME you can put your plans into practice – and with attractive conditions.

New machines and equipment of a Swiss SME financed with a business loan.

Take advantage of all the opportunities to move your company forward. Would you like to increase your liquidity, pre-finance current assets, modernize machinery and equipment or refinance an existing loan? With the many tasks on your daily schedule, investment in future growth is often neglected. Our corporate loan helps you to develop your business. Turn your financing plans into reality – with LEND's affordable corporate loan.

Apply for corporate loans online

Simply enter your financing requirements and desired term into our loan calculator to see the conditions for your individual loan. The actual monthly rate depends on several factors, including your credit rating and the selected term.

CHF 25’000
12 Months
Interestfrom 4.90%to 9.90%

Monthly Rate2’1392’197

The fees are 0.8% - 1.5% per annum, depending on the risk score.

Obtain your ideal loan in just a few steps

Loan application

1. Loan application

Fill out your loan application online and indicate your financing needs.

Verification of financing

2. Verification of financing

We will review your application within 48 hours. If successful, we will publish your loan for financing on our platform.

Credit payout

3. Payout

After successful financing and signing of the contract, we pay the amount directly into your account.

You need new office furniture, want to modernise your machines or finance working capital? With LEND you can get the right corporate loan to help your business grow robustly.
A credit gives a business owner the financial headroom her SME needs to grow.
Low rates from4.5%

Corporate loans with LEND

LEND mediates corporate loans in an efficient and easy manner - directly between investors and borrowers. For entrepreneurs, this means: a loan at particularly attractive conditions. This is because the expensive costs of capital that banks have to bear are eliminated.

Eligibility for a corporate loan

Self-employed persons and entrepreneurs who meet the following requirements can apply for a corporate loan with LEND:

  • Entry in the Swiss Commercial Register

  • Operational for at least 2 years

  • Min. annual turnover of CHF 100'000

  • Successful credit assessment by LEND

  • No open debt collections

The LEND corporate loan is easy to apply for online, inexpensive and cost-transparent. Perfect for owners and managers who want to invest in their company at attractive conditions

Flexible repayment

The corporate loan at LEND is tailored to you and your company. You therefore have the choice of how you want to repay your corporate loan:

Annuity credit repayment


Same monthly rate for the entire term.

Each monthly payment consists of a principal repayment and interest portion. Since each payment reduces the outstanding principal, the interest portion decreases and the repayment portion increases over time.

Linear credit repayment


Quarterly interest payments and annual amortization.

With each amortization payment, the remaining principal is reduced and therefore the periodic interest amount also decreases.

Bullet credit repayment


Quarterly interest payments and repayment at end-of-term.

With the so called Bullet Loan (fixed loan), you pay quarterly interest and the repayment is only due at the end of the term in one bullet payment.

Attractive conditions for your corporate loan

Our corporate loan includes low interest rates and attractive conditions: it is up to you to select the loan amount and term.

Transparent costs

Our costs are transparent: the online credit application and risk assessment is free and there will only be a fee when your credit is paid out. The one-time processing fee (see Fee Schedule) will be deducted directly on payout.

Individual credit solution

Every company and every financing project is unique. We take a close look at each situation and create individual offers according to the needs and requirements of your company.

Statistic: Share of SME loans in crowdlending.

Low interest corporate loans – making finance fair for you!

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