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You need short-term funding? You are finally ready for the project of your dreams or would like to enrol at an institute for further education but are a bit short on cash? Perhaps you are facing unexpected challenges for which you require additional financial means? A personal loan can help.

Every day brings new situations that we have to deal with in a flexible and prompt manner. It may well be that are missing the necessary cash. With an online loan request you will find out quickly how the solution tailored to your needs might look. Whatever you intend to do, finance real estate, purchase furniture or a new car, refinance existing loans or credit card debt, a personal loan bridges your financial needs.

Get your personal loan online

It is very simple to get your online loan. Basically you need to decide the following:

  1. Desired loan amount: Which amount do you need as a loan? Did you consider all costs? Sometimes it makes sense to have a bit of a cushion. Of course you can always top up your loan at a later point.
  2. Loan period: Over what period would you like to pay back your loan? Given a fix loan amount, your monthly rate will be lower with a longer loan period. But on the other hand your total interest amount will be higher, because you are borrowing for longer. You are free to choose what is best for you.
  3. Personal information: Provide your personal information in your online request. We will check your credit score and will make loan offers from which you can choose the one you prefer. And soon thereafter you will be able to publish your loan project!

What do you want to do?

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¤ The effective interest rate is between 3.50% and 9.80% and is dependent on your credit score and selected loan term. For a loan of CHF 10’000.- and 12 months the interest cost and fees range between CHF 190.60 and CHF 515.34. The total sum is thus between CHF 10’190.60 and CHF 10’515.34. The grant of a loan is prohibited if it leads to the over-indebtedness of the consumer (Art. 3 UWG).

"There is no such thing as the typical personal loan. Each and every client has different background and specific needs, a particular situation. And that is just normal."

Low rates from 3.5%

Personal loan with low interest from 3.5%

Conclude loans with LEND

Our loan calculator is simple to use and you can easily find out which loan amount you wish to request. The calculator indicates the range within which your monthly rate will be. Your actual monthly rate, however, depends on your credit score, the loan period and other factors.

As an additional security you can select a payment protection insurance which insures your monthly payment obligation against the risks of unemployment, death and inability to work. This is an important additional security for investors who fund your loan. Our experience clearly shows that loan projects with payment protection insurance are funded more easily.

"Borrowers can select their loan term and tailor the payments to their specific needs. The monthly rates should match the monthly budget in a way that there is some room for unexpected payments. We also recommend to insure the monthly payments with a payment protection insurance from our partner Helvetia Versicherungen."

You select your loan amount. Whether you simply need a personal loan or wish to finance your dream house, we offer low rates and attractive loan terms. And because it is you who chooses the loan term you are fully flexibly in designing your loan and how you wish to pay it back.

Contrary to traditional banks, LEND offers a platform for borrowers and lenders. Our lenders can invest directly in personal loans which means our borrowers will receive transparent and fair funding of their financial needs.

We at LEND are happy to support you with any question you may have with respect to any loan type or specifics of our process and offer. Simply contact us by Email, online chat or via phone. The best way to request a loan is to use our loan calculator, sign-up and provide some personal information. We will then get back to you with a personalised offer for a loan contract.

Every 10th adult in Switzerland with a personal loan

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Personal loan

Personal Loan

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