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LEND tailors individual financing to your current situation and needs.

We are not a bank

We are here to find solutions around loan-to-value and affordability. For you and without blah blah.

Utilise the value of your property

Real estate owners are often unaware of the financing potential their property offers them.

Personal advice

Please get in touch with us, our mortgage experts are there for you!

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Do you need a mortgage? With us you can increase your equity capital for a property purchase or increase an existing mortgage to have more liquidity. We find individual solutions with fair mortgage interest rates for every situation.

Use our mortgage calculator to assess your financing potential with LEND.

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Bridge financing - from the old home to the new one with LEND

You have found a new property and would like to pay for it by selling your current home? Banks often don't play along here because the sale takes time and they rarely agree to a double burden. The reason is usually the tight affordability. In this case we support you with a bridging loan.

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Trade professionally in real estate and get more return on equity

You or your company are buying and selling real estate and you want more debt financing to maximise your return on equity? Our in-house experts for real estate financing will be happy to support you.

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Found your dream home but do not have enough equity to buy it?

You have found your dream home, but you do not have enough funds yet for a mortgage with a bank? Together with our partners we are happy to offer you a comprehensive financing solution for your home.

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Utilise the value of your real estate for your liquidity

You already have a home and would like to increase the existing mortgage with your bank? Unfortunately, this is not always possible. For example, after retirement, refinancing the mortgage with the bank is difficult and an increase is almost impossible. We are more flexible and can convert the value of your house into more liquidity for you.

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