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Invest with LEND in the Swiss loan market. Build a diversified portfolio and generate much higher returns compared to similar investment opportunities.

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Learn more about risk and return

You cannot expect return without risk. However, the loan market is a new asset class that provides significantly higher returns than comparable investments. LEND enables you to achieve your expected return thanks to a top-notch investor cockpit, full cost transparency, and a comprehensive and stringent risk analysis of each loan applicant.

Risk Scores at LEND

LEND assesses the creditworthiness as well as the financial standings of each borrower. We check relevant data and work closely with third-party databases such as ZEK, Crif and Intrum. LEND’s proprietary algorithm calculates a default probability and derives the appropriate risk score for each borrower.

Typical Borrower Characteristics
  • Very stable life: address, employer, partner
  • Exceptional loan payment track record
  • Home owners eligible for A+

  • Proven solid track record, well diversified, hardly vulnerable to adverse changes
  • Strong capacity to meet its financial commitment; Often with credit enhancements
  • Solid security in place
Nominal Interest 1)
Targeted Return 2)
Expected Cumulative Loss Rate3)
3.07 - 4.90%
1.79 - 3.69%
0.19 - 1.11%
3.32 - 5.90%
2.22 - 4.76%
0.29 - 1.69%
Typical Borrower Description
  • Stable life: few address and/or job changes
  • Positive loan payment track record

  • Well positioned in domestic market, little diversified, capable of absorbing setbacks
  • Solid capacity to meets its financial commitment; Sometimes mitigated by securities
Nominal Interest 1)
Targeted Return 2)
Expected Cumulative Loss Rate3)
4.10 - 7.30%
3.06 - 6.27%
0.40 - 3.30%
Typical Borrower Description
  • Changing life situations
  • Few or no loan payment records

  • Challenge to keep market share, hardly diversified, some exposure to adverse changes
  • Good capacity to meet its financial commitment; Size and earnings in line with peers
Nominal Interest 1)
Targeted Return 2)
Expected Cumulative Loss Rate3)
5.06 - 8.80%
4.51 - 7.91%
0.94 - 7.75%
Typical Borrower Description
  • Collection experiences, nothing open
  • No loan experience, e.g. younger person or recently moved to Switzerland

  • Fluctuating past performance, unstable industry outlook, uncertainty to adverse changes
  • Satisfactory credit quality; Size and financial ratios slightly below industry norms
  • Inconsistent past performance with some negative outlook; exposed to adverse changes
  • Modest credit quality; Financial capacity temporarily below acceptable level
Nominal Interest 1)
Targeted Return 2)
Expected Cumulative Loss Rate3)
6.66 - 11.60%
6.06 - 11.02%
1.72 - 14.18%
10.00 - 12.90%
9.23 - 12.49%
2.15 - 20.05%
no offering
no offering
Typical Borrower Description
  • Disqualifying or bad loan experiences
  • Financial situation not sufficient
  • Residency, employment, etc. criteria not met
  • Weak past performance, negative industry outlook, not capable of absorbing setbacks
  • Insufficient credit quality; Poor financial ratios; Recovery requires favorable outlook
Nominal Interest 1)
Targeted Return 2)
Expected Cumulative Loss Rate3)
no offering
no offering

1) Annual interest rate received by lenders. Interest rates on loans depend on the LEND Investment Category, Loan Term and selection of optional borrower insurance.

2) Annual return after servicing fees, which investors earn on their capital invested through LEND. Provisions for losses are not reflected.

3) The expected Cumulative Loss Rate is indicative only and based on the statistical LEND model, calibrated with industry experience data and routinely validated.

IMPORTANT: Actual returns can vary from the indicated Target Return ranges. LEND is not responsible for the financial performance of investments made through LEND.

Diversification of assets

The cornerstone of a successful investment strategy is diversification. At LEND you can allocate your investment to multiple loan projects and achieve the desired diversification effect. In a diversified portfolio a default a default has less impact which protects your expected return.

Investment opportunities at LEND

Whether investing direct or indirect in Swiss loans - the choice is yours.
LEND offers private and institutional investors different opportunities to invest in personal and business loans.

Direct investment

Via our platform you invest directly in the credit projects of your choice and autonomously keep track of them.

Indirect investment supported by RoboInvest

For investments from CHF 40,000 or above, RoboInvest can help you build a diversified portfolio according to your specifications. Capital repayments are reinvested automatically to allow a constant exposure.


Together with our partner, the 1741 Group, we launched the LEND Fund, which provides institutional investors with structured and systematic access to a Swiss loan portfolio.

More information about the LEND Fund can be found on the website of the 1741 Group.

Payment Protection Insurance

The majority of loans on LEND are insured against the risks of unemployment, inability to work and death by our partner “Helvetia Versicherungen”. The protection covers monthly payments for up to12 months (unemployment and inability to work) or the outstanding principal (death). The Payment Protection Insurance considerably reduces the risk of non-payment.

How does LEND reduce the default risk?

We reduce the default risk with multiple measures:

  • stringent quality- and risk assessment
  • Payment Protection Insurance (Helvetia)
  • Diversification
  • Constant reduction of your capital-at-risk with monthly repayments
  • Management of late payments

Our interests are aligned with yours, as we only earn our fee if the borrower makes the monthly payments. This guarantees that we will do our best that borrowers meet their payment obligations.

Contract management and debt collection

Should a borrower not meet his payment obligations we manage the reminder process and work with professional debt collectors to develop the best possible solution.

Who is Lend

LEND is a brand and platform operated by Switzerlend AG with its offices based in Zürich. Switzerlend has a lending license and as a financial intermediary is a member of and supervised by SRO PolyReg.

We are proud of our state of the art risk underwriting which is based on a proprietary risk model developed by LEND. We screen each borrower in close cooperation with third party information providers.