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Invest money stress-free and invest in Swiss loans and mortgages.



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Invest directly in the Swiss loan market with LEND. With a diversified portfolio, you achieve a clearly higher return than with comparable investment opportunities. And you can let your money work without stress. You can find detailed statistics here.

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Investment opportunities at LEND

Invest in Swiss loans directly or indirectly - the choice is yours. LEND offers private and institutional investors different opportunities to invest in personal and business loans as well as mortgages.

Direct investment

Decide for yourself how much to invest and in which project.

  • From CHF 500 per project

  • Build up a hand-picked portfolio according to your personal risk appetite

  • Attractive return


Define investment criteria and sit back.

  • Diversified portfolio according to own criteria

  • Robo invests automatically up to your target amount

  • High diversification

  • Attractive return


Invest once and still be maximally diversified.

  • Structured access to Swiss retail and commercial loans for institutional and qualified investors

  • Managed by our partner 1741 Group

  • Attractive return


Access to Swiss loans in foreign currency.

  • From 50'000 CHF, EUR or USD

  • Tradeable on the secondary market

  • Managed by our partner ISP Securities

  • Attractive return

Learn more about risk and return

You cannot expect return without risk. However, the loan market is a new asset class that provides significantly higher returns than comparable investments. LEND enables you to achieve your expected return thanks to a top-notch investor cockpit, full cost transparency, and a comprehensive and stringent risk analysis of each loan applicant. You want to dig deeper? More about risk and return you can find on our statistics page.

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