Refinance your loan with LEND

Are you paying too much for you current loan? We are almost certain that there is some room for lower interest rates.

Refinancing your loan almost always means more cash in your pocket. Learn here how you can very easily refinance one or several of your loans.

Interest rates for consumer loans are very often high, sometimes double digit. Most of the time that is not justified, and comparing your existing loan with other offers is worthwhile. You are probably uncertain whether it is possible to refinance your existing loan. The answer is simple: yes.

How does a credit restructuring work?

Refinancing your existing loan (or for example your credit card debt) is simple:

  1. You can refinance your existing loan at no additional cost. The Swiss Consumer Loan Act stipulates that all borrowers are entitled to refinance their loans without a penalty. You can freely choose the point in time at which you would like to refinance and replace your old loan contract. It is always free of charge.

  2. If you have been paying your monthly rates of your current loan regularly and on time, your credit score has improved and you are a borrower that our investors will like to fund. This means that you will get even lower interest rates when refinancing your loan!

  3. Sort out your financial situation. You have more than one loan? Not a problem, we are happy to consolidate these which means you will only deal with us going forward. This will not only save you money but also time as you do not have to manage multiple contracts and contacts.

  4. You are planning your next project? A bigger car or new furniture? Before you request a new loan take a minute to decide whether topping up your loan would make sense.

  5. Last step: Sign your new loan contract and secure the lower interest rates!

Loan amount
CHF 10’000
12 Months
Insurance (
Interest Rate from 4.50% to 9.80%
Insurance 33 34

Monthly Rate 881 900

The effective interest rate is between 4.50% and 9.80% and is dependent on your credit score and selected loan term. The repayment period is a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 84 months. For a loan of CHF 10’000.- and 12 months the interest cost and fees range between CHF 238.80 and CHF 459.70. The total sum is thus between CHF 10'238.80 and CHF 10'459.70. The grant of a loan is prohibited if it leads to the over-indebtedness of the consumer (Art. 3 UWG).

"Borrowers can actually improve their creditworthiness by regularly paying their monthly rates. In this way borrowers with an existing loan will get lower interest rates than borrowers who have never had a loan."
Low rates from 4.5%

Refinancing your debt means saving money

To receive lower interest rates and better terms it is paramount that your credit score is good. It is the main criterion affecting the terms and conditions and interest rates we can offer. We will always check your credit score before offering a new contract. But if you regularly paid your monthly rates on time, this indicates your creditworthiness which is something you will profit from as it results in lower interest rates.

You are free to choose a new loan term which opens up the possibility to pay back your loan early or reduce your monthly rate to save some money for your daily needs.

"Many of our borrowers choose a shorter loan period as their monthly payments are lower because of our low interest rates. This means they are saving money and are debt-free earlier."

Refinance your loan with LEND

LEND matches borrowers with lenders. Our lenders can choose to invest in you and directly finance your loan. The process is simple: With our loan calculator you choose your desired loan amount and loan term. Based on the information you provide to us and supporting documents we create tailored loan offers for you. You then decide whether you wish to accept our offer, in which case our lenders will start funding your loan request on our platform. This is how we can ensure low interest rates and great loan terms. And by the way: you will always be anonymous to our lenders.

We at LEND support you throughout the entire process, starting from your loan request until you have fully paid back your loan. The majority of your loan projects are borrowers refinancing existing loans. It is fair to say that we have a lot of experience in this field and can make a fair offer to all involved parties.

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