Loan Insurance at LEND

You can take out our credit default insurance, also known as residual debt protection, together with your personal loan.

Key facts in a nutshell:

  • Borrowers can purchase payment protection insurance against the risks of unemployment, death and inability to work.

  • The insurance premium is invoiced as part of the monthly rate.

  • Our official partner for payment protection insurance is Helvetia Versicherungen.

Further Details please find here:

What is residual debt insurance?

The insurance against credit default serves to protect you as a borrower and your family against possible insolvency due to unforeseeable events. We explain this in more detail in our glossary.

Should I take out a payment protection insurance?

Loan insurance protects you as a borrower and your family in case of a possible inability to pay due to unforeseeable events such as job loss, disability or death. In these cases, the insurance takes over the payment of the instalments.

Lenders on LEND may find it easier to invest if the loan instalments are insured. We recommend insurance especially for long terms or high loan amounts.