Your medical loan with LEND

Your root canal is hurting badly but you can’t afford medical treatment because you are short on money? Your medical treatment is not or only partially covered by your health insurance? You wish to undertake that cosmetic procedure which currently exceeds your budget? You should go back to a healthy and happy life - with a medical loan from LEND you will be able to do exactly that.

Get the medical treatment you need and pay by instalment.

Living a healthy life is what most people wish for. That does not mean that people don’t want to get sick. It means that people want to be active and feel good in their daily lives. Thanks to modern research and advanced medical technologies, we have many options to retain or improve our general well-being. But unfortunately this comes with a price tag and health insurance does not cover all medical treatments or does not support free choice with regard to which doctor or hospital we entrust with our health and which medication we are willing to accept. In many cases a medical loan can support your personal wish and give you the choice you deserve.

For what treatments can I use a medical loan?

A medical loan is a personal loan that you use for medical reasons. It offers you the option to finance anything you need or wish to retain or improve your health and well-being.

CHF 10’000
12 Months
Insurance (What is it?)
Interestfrom 4.50%to 10.95%

Monthly Rate881904

The effective interest rate is between 4.50% and 10.95% and is dependent on your credit score and selected loan term. The repayment period is a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 84 months. For a loan of CHF 10’000 and 12 months the interest cost and fees range between CHF 175.82 and CHF 439.17. The total sum is thus between CHF 10’175.82 and CHF 10’439.17. The grant of a loan is prohibited if it leads to the over-indebtedness of the consumer (Art. 3 UWG).

The increasing cost pressure forces health insurers to become more and more restrictive when evaluating insurance coverage for claims.
High doctor's invoice paid with a medical loan.
Low rates from4.5%

This could be:

  • dental or hospital bill

  • surgery and doctor or hospital of your own choice

  • expensive medication

  • alternative methods, homeopathy

  • private care / home care

  • cosmetic surgery / beauty treatment

  • treatments abroad

Confidentiality is important

A person’s health is a private affair. And you may not want to talk about the financing of your dental bill or cosmetic surgery. The good thing is you don’t have to: for a personal loan it is sufficient to set parameters such as loan amount and loan period, not so much whether you are using requesting the loan to pay for a doctor’s bill or other medical treatment. A personal loan means you will know exactly what amounts you have to pay at what dates so you can plan your financial needs and cash-flows. This gives you the desired flexibility, also in times where unexpected medical costs may come your way.

"Cat Luna suffered from severe arthrosis. Her owner was able to finance her surgery thanks to a loan from LEND. Now, Luna can enjoy life again."

Nino Grassi, Head of Operations

Finance your doctor’s bill with a medical loan from LEND

At LEND you are not required to specify the purpose of your loan. Although we do see that it improves your chances to attract funding by our investor community. But all you are required to do is specify your desired amount and loan period. Our advisors will be more than happy to support you and help you find the loan that best suits your needs. They are all experts for loan financing and have many years of experience as regards medical loans. By the way, LEND did not only fund medical loans for humans, we have also helped to fund treatment for animals who can again live a happy life. Talk to us, we are happy to support you.

Have you ever asked yourself how LEND manages to offer such low interest rates and fair terms and conditions? The answer is simple: at a normal credit institution it is a bank that funds the loans. At LEND it is investors who directly provide funding. This means we avoid bureaucracy and expensive management. This is why our loans are much more favourable and fair.

We are more than happy to support you with your plans to live a healthy and happy life and gladly make a personalised loan offer for you.

Statistic: Private health related spending in Switzerland.

Low interest medical loans – making finance fair for you!