How peer-to-peer lending works in Switzerland

Peer-to-peer lending or Crowdlending means that investors finance borrowers directly and online. Banks as expensive middle men are removed from the equation. Cost savings end up back in the hands of the participants. Investors receive better returns and borrowers pay lower interest rates.

The number of peer-to-peer borrowers and investors in Switzerland increases exponentially by 100% every year, and this trend is revolutionizing the current banking environment.

How peer-to-peer works at LEND

LEND helps borrowers find loans at interest rates considerably lower than the ones offered by banks. Investors fund loans and create a diversified portfolio investing small amounts into multiple loans.

We provide full transparency and control over your investments. You have access to all relevant details concerning the loans and you are guaranteed that LEND experts have thoroughly reviewed all borrowers before allowing them to be funded by you.

Investors can structure a portfolio to suit their individual investment objectives such as loan terms, interest rates and varying levels of risk. The loans are not collateralised but the majority of borrowers signs up to a payment protection insurance with our partner Helvetia Versicherungen. This means that monthly payments are protected against risks of unemployment, death and inability to work.

At LEND, you focus your attention on investing and we take care of the rest. All administrative work, from establishing credit worthiness and reviewing documents to completion of payments and, if needed, collection of outstanding payments, is taken care of by the professionals at LEND. We charge a flat fee which is independent of the interest rate level. This aligns our interests with yours which is an fair risk/return profile for our loans.

LEND. Simply, better.

Beginning is easy

Register today and get unlimited access to your own personal dashboard. Once successfully identified (as required by FINMA regulatory standards), you gain access to a wide range of loans waiting for investors like you.

Find the right investment for you by choosing between:

  • Terms (12-72 months)
  • Variable amounts, 1/20th of the requested loan amount.-
  • Credit Scores from A+ A, B, C, D1 and S (self-employed)
  • And many other features.

Build a personal portfolio that meets and exceeds your investment targets.