Our mission

“We want to build a financial world that benefits all, not just a few. To do so, we radically challenge the status quo in order to make finance fair and enjoyable.”

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Why Crowdlending

The consumer loan market in Switzerland is roughly around CHF 7 Billion with a yearly volume of around CHF 4 Billion. The maximum interest rate permitted by law since 2024 is 12 % for personal loans and 14 % for credit cards. Banks exhaust that limit by regularly charging 11.95 % interest on their loans. We don’t like this, particularly because banks themselves can borrow money at the low SNB policy rate. A pretty nice margin...

We don’t like this, and we know there is a better way of doing business. On lend.ch we eliminate banks from the supply chain and directly connect borrowers and investors who can meet halfway. This means lower interest rates for borrowers and higher returns for investors.

We bring along a good amount of experience, but mostly the passion to make things better. We believe that the concept of a sharing economy and peer-to-peer exchange is our future. And we want to be part of shaping it with our peer-to-peer lending platform.

About LEND

LEND is a trademark and service of Switzerlend AG.
Switzerlend AG is listed in the Swiss Commercial Registry (Handelsregister CHE-456.445.646).

LEND is a Swiss product.

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