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It is finally the time to buy that dream car? Or with your recent family addition you no longer fit into your sports car and are looking to buy a van? What is the best option for financing your new vehicle?

You found your new car and now need to to decide how you best finance the purchase. Certainly for a new car you thought about a leasing. It often makes sense to compare leasing with an online auto loan. Because you may not only be able to negotiate better terms and conditions but you actually take ownership of the car and are independent from the car dealer, manufacturer or importer.

Benefits of an auto loan

New cars, used cars, “Jahreswagen” or a collector’s item - with a car loan you decide which kind of vehicle you finance. The loan is not dependent on the brand or model you choose which means you are independent. You may even go for a motorbike or mobile home, no constraints whatsoever.

When you finance your car with a loan you become the owner and it is really yours. This means you decide when you want to sell it, how much mileage you do a year and what insurance you purchase. There are no obligations as you will have them in a leasing contract. You enjoy full flexibility and fun. And if you have to replace your convertible with a family van, not an issue.

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"The best is buying a car against cash. If that is not an option, a car loan is clearly the better option than leaving you with more flexibility than leasing your dream car."

Low rates from 3.5%

Car loan with low interest from 3.5%

Finally, financing your purchase with a personal loan is often possible at better terms than your leasing package with its down payment, monthly payments and residual payment. What looks attractive at first may turn out to be a rather costly exercise: for example the requirement for a fully comprehensive insurance or the fees you are required to pay if you wish to repay the leasing early. In a nutshell, the effective costs of a leasing can be significantly higher than the price tag would indicate. This is where you will want to take a close look and save money.

And then there are tax benefits

Did you know that with an auto loan you actually have a tax advantage? Loan interest, be it for your car, house or apartment are tax deductible and reduce your taxable income. This is a clear advantage compared to leasing payments which are not deductible. And who does not like to save taxes?

"Particularly with a limited budget a leasing contract can turn out to be a “ticking time bomb”. In any event you will be better off getting a personal loan to buy that used car."

Debt counsellor Roncoroni on SRF

Finance your car with LEND

You would like to finance your next car with an affordable loan. Good choice! LEND offers you great terms and conditions - be it for your oldtimer, family van, electric car or scooter. You are absolutely free to decide what you use your loan for, we do not ask you specifics about the purpose of your loan and how you actually spend the money. It is also up to you to choose the duration of your loan.

Different from a car loan you would get from a bank, it is investors who finance your loan request directly and earn loan the interest. LEND only charges a fee and is therefore independent to set a fair interest rate in a transparent way.

Apply for you loan online and we will promptly create a tailored loan offer for you. We are also happy to personally advise you on the topic of consumer loans, debt and financing. And of course we wish you happy driving with your new car.

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