Your home furnishing loan with LEND

You are planning to move and are excited to get into your new home? It is always smart to keep an eye on the budget: the costs of moving, the security deposit and buying new furniture are often underestimated costs. With a home furnishing loan you can enjoy your move and pay back your loan in monthly installments.

Moving into a new appartement in Switzerland. Moving costs, down payment and new furniture financed with a credit.

We all know how it is when you found your dream apartment: you already know how to furnish it: A stylish new lamp above the dining room table, a bigger couch for comfortable sunday afternoons and a couple new machines for the kitchen. But before that you will be required to make a rent deposit amounting up to 3 months rent which can really stretch your liquidity. And the moving company surely wants to be paid too. So for a worry-free move we offer a moving or home furnishing loan.

Finance your home furnishing with a loan

Furniture stores and online shops generally offer to pay in monthly installments. However, most of the people like to buy their furniture in more than one shop, which means you have to manage each loan separately. We believe it is much more practical to get one loan for all your furnishing needs. Instead of various different contracts, terms and payments you will be serviced from one professional counterparty which allows you to keep track and make it a lot easier. So go ahead and continue planning your new furniture and then come to us with the desired loan amount. We will be happy to provide you with one loan and let you enjoy your new couch instead of dealing with multiple contracts and payments.

CHF 10’000
12 Months
Insurance (What is it?)
Interestfrom 4.50%to 10.95%

Monthly Rate881904

The effective interest rate is between 4.50% and 10.95% and is dependent on your credit score and selected loan term. The repayment period is a minimum of 12 months and a maximum of 84 months. For a loan of CHF 10’000 and 12 months the interest cost and fees range between CHF 175.82 and CHF 439.17. The total sum is thus between CHF 10’175.82 and CHF 10’439.17. The grant of a loan is prohibited if it leads to the over-indebtedness of the consumer (Art. 3 UWG).

It often comes as a surprise how costly moving apartments is. First there is the moving company, then the repairs in the old flat, the rent deposit, the new couch and kitchen appliances… that amounts to CHF 15'000 in no time.
New furniture financed with a credit.
Low rates from4.5%

Get a loan to finance your move and rent deposit

You are free to use your home furnishing loan to pay for your move, be it the moving company or small repairs. But also the rent deposit (which normally amounts to 3 months rent) is open for financing with your loan. This ensures that you will be left with sufficient cash in your pocket. And if the unexpected happens (something breaks or does not fit into the new apartment) you can top up your personal loan at any time.

"Home furnishing and moving often puts a hole in your bank account."

Finance your furniture or move with LEND

We are happy to support you with the financing of your new home. At LEND we offer low interest rates and fair loan terms for your move, home furnishing or even the purchase of your new home. You can also use our loan calculator and select your desired loan amount and loan period. We will swiftly get back to you with a loan offer.

Because our lenders invest directly into the loan projects of your borrowers we can offer low interest rates. Feel free to check our attractive terms and conditions. Most of the time we are considerably better than your bank. When you submit your loan request we get back to you quickly with a personalised loan offer. So there is nothing keeping you from making your new home your “home, sweet home”.

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