Secure your loan with your home

Using your property as collateral for your loan means you will get very low interest rates from LEND. We provide a quick and fair assessment of your financing potential based on a simple and transparent application process.

Tailored solutions

LEND tailors loans to your current situation and needs

Low interest rates

You can profit from low interest rates because your property serves as a security for your loan.

Property as security

Real estate owners are often unaware that there is unutilised financing potential for their property.

Personal advice

Please get in touch with us, we are happy to hear from you!

Low interest rates due to high repayment security

LEND can offer very good loan terms for home owners. Pledging your home as collateral means lower credit risk for our investors and in return lower interest rates for you. We call that fair pricing of risk.

As collateral you pledge a mortgage note (Schuldbrief). We are happy to assist with the land registry office and have the necessary financing documents ready for you.

Calculating your personal financing potential is very easy. Simply enter some basic information into the calculator and you will have a first indication immediately.

If you are interested, our experts are happy to reach out to you and provide our expert advice for free. You choose whether you want us to contact you by phone or e-mail.

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How can LEND support you?

Find the loan for your personal project - customized to your needs.

  • Personal loan

    Personal Loan

    It feels good to know when your project is financed with the best possible rates in the market. Find out your rates.

  • Consolidate higher interest loans

    Consolidate Higher Interest Loans

    Transfer your high interest balances to LEND and start saving immediately. Ask for a free quote now.

  • Top-up an existing loan

    Top-up an Existing Loan

    Save thousands when topping-up your loan at LEND. Find out how our low rates can save you cost and time.

  • Credit card balance transfers

    Credit Card Balance Transfers

    Paying high interest on your credit card balances? Start saving with a balance transfer to LEND’s attractively low rates. Apply now.

  • Car financing

    Car Financing

    Why Leasing a car with fixed terms, low flexibility and mandatory comprehensive insurance. Own your vehicle with a loan from LEND.

  • Home improvement

    Home Improvement

    Pay for your move, invest in a new kitchen, finance your second home? Find your affordable solution at LEND.

  • Medical loan

    Invest in Yourself

    Pay for medical expenses and improve your quality of life. It is your decision, we provide the solution.

  • Home furnishing

    Home Furnishing

    Moving together, larger apartment, family additions? You are covered with the loan solutions from LEND.