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How can I become an investor at LEND?

It takes just a few minutes to open an account. Fill out the online form and confirm your email address. Then, complete the identification using one of the following options:

  1. With the click of a button we transfer you to our partner IDnow who will identify you all online in a few minutes. All you need is your smartphone and ID/passport.

  2. You upload a copy of your passport/ID and make an identification payment of the CHF 5.00 from your bank account. We then reconcile the payment information with the identification document. Done.

How do I invest with LEND?

You select the loan projects that suit your needs. For every loan project listed, we provide detailed information that enables you to build a truly personalized, individual portfolio.

Why must I submit bank account details when registering with LEND?

Bank account details are required for the processing of all payments. When a loan is successfully funded, we transfer the the money of our lenders to the borrower's bank account. And the monthly payments from the borrower we transfer to the lender's bank account in the same fashion.

Which fees must I pay as an investor?

Investors pay an annual fee of 1.00% of their total investment. This fee is deducted from the monthly interest and amortization earnings paid to the investor. For example, an investor who loans CHF 1’000. for 36 months pays an annual fee of CHF 10. Approximately CHF 0.83 will be deducted from their monthly earnings.

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