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Why do I need to be identified?

LEND is registered as a financial intermediary and supervised by the SRO PolyReg which itself is supervised by the Swiss Financial Market Authority FINMA. As a financial intermediary we are required by law and regulation to identify all LEND members in accordance with the Swiss Anti-Money Laundering Act.

How does the identification work?

As a borrower for a personal loan, send us a certified copy of your passport, your ID and/or your foreign national identification card ("Ausländerausweis").

For a business loan, as an owner you send us a certified copy of your passport, your ID and/or your foreign national identification card ("Ausländerausweis") and for the company you send us a certified commercial registration. Alternatively, you can make an identification payment of CHF 5 from your personal Swiss bank account and company Swiss bank account to us.

As a lender, there are three options to identify yourself:

  1. IDNow - With one click, you will be directed to our partner IDnow, who will identify you online within a few minutes. All you need is your smartphone and an identity document.

  2. ID and control payment - Upload a copy of your passport/ID to your dashboard and make an identification payment of CHF 1 from your bank account. If the personal details on the payment match those on the ID copy, you are sufficiently verified.

  3. Certified copy of ID - Send us an original certified copy of your passport or ID to this address:

    Switzerlend AG
    Hofackerstrasse 13
    8032 Zürich

Why must I submit bank account details when registering with LEND?

Bank account details are required for the processing of all payments. When a loan is successfully funded, we transfer the the money of our lenders to the borrower's bank account. And the monthly payments from the borrower we transfer to the lender's bank account in the same fashion.

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