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What advantages do I have when borrowing from LEND?

LEND arranges loans in a straightforward and efficient way. Our overhead costs are substantially lower than those of a bank and we pass on these savings to borrowers in the form of lower interest rates.

The whole process is quick and easy to understand, and can be completed online, either at home or on the go with your cell phone. There's no need to worry about business hours.

How can I become a borrower at LEND?

Through LEND, almost anyone can receive a loan, as long as you are not a minor, you live in Switzerland and you have a Swiss bank account. Borrowers should also have a regular source of income.

How does the credit screening and scoring process work?

LEND assigns an individual credit score to every borrower based on information provided by the borrower and third-party providers ("Scoring"). This includes information such as complaints registered at the local Debt Enforcement Office, entries at the Central Office for Credit Information/ZEK or overall debt-to-income ratio for personal loans and key financial ratios comparison, market and industry outlook for business loans.

Although the scoring process for consumer and business loans is quite different, in both cases the score reflects the probability that the borrower will pay back the loan in full and hence should be comparable.

The LEND risk score is mapped to the risk categories A, B, C or D. Each risk category represents a term-based range of interest rates within which the borrower may apply for a loan on the LEND platform.

Can I take out a loan for any reason?

Yes, you can. There are many different reasons taking a loan makes sense, whether it's paying off more expensive debt, renovating your home or an unexpected bill from the dentist. Whatever your loan needs are, you're at the right place with LEND.

For SMEs we offer loans for various categories such as growth, liquidity, fixed asset investment, research and development, real estate, pre-financing of current assets, debt rescheduling and refinancing.

If you are interested in loans for students or other educational needs, we recommend you visit Splendit on They specialize in exactly this type of financial support.

Which fees must I pay as a borrower?

Registering as a borrower and placing a loan request are free of charge. After your loan project is successfully funded you pay an annual score based fee between 0.63% and 1.00% for personal loans and between 0.70% and 1.30% for SME loans. This fee is charged for the entire term of the loan and deducted from the initial loan payout. For example, a loan of CHF 20’000 with score A+ for 36 months has an annual fee of CHF 126, i.e. a total fee of CHF 126 * 3 years = CHF 378. The actual pay out is therefore CHF 20’000 - CHF 378 = CHF 19’622.

As a borrower we recommend to take out an insurance with our Partner Helvetia Versicherungen, covering the risks of unemployment, death and disabilities. The insurance premium is a percentage of the monthly rate and is invoiced as part of it. For example, if you lose your job due to a restructuring, Helvetia will pay your monthly rate for a maximum of 12 months. This should be sufficient time for you to get back on your feet.
Important: An insurance normally enhances the credit risk and hence results in lower interest rates.

For further information please consult the fee schedule.

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